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What to Pack for Myanmar

What to Pack for Myanmar


Yes I know I haven’t left just quite yet, but I wanted to write about what I was planning to pack for Myanmar. My list is compiled based on my research as well as my own experiences around Asia. I will update the list and what was useful or a total waste of time (or what I should have brought!) when I get back from Myanmar. If you’ve traveled to Myanmar, would you add anything to this list? If…

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Myanmar Travel Guide


One week from today, I will be in Myanmar beginning a 10-day tour of all the country has to offer. As I prepare for my trip, I am diligently collecting resources and preparing so that on my return, I can offer a Myanmar Guide! I am going to Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake. Below is a rough cut of what I hope the guide to cover. As readers and travelers, what information would you like me to add or…

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Skipping Baggage Claim


It’s here! A free sample chapter to my book “Skipping Baggage Claim” that will debut near the end of October. Simply click the photo below to go to the download form. Enter your email, enter in the dollar amount 0, and click to download!

Details: A book about dealing with life when even the middle seat of a cross-ocean flight seems better than what you’ve got right now. 

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25 For My Next Quarter

25 For My Next Quarter


All throughout my high school and collegiate experience, I would always joke that if I could just stop aging at 25 I would be content. It seemed like the perfect age. As my 25th birthday nears in less than a month, I find myself questioning whether 25 is all I built it up to be. I think I have less fear about aging (although I still apply organic or natural facial creams religiously), but my…

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Jumping for Joy & Falling for Fall

Jumping for Joy & Falling for Fall

DSC_0056 - Copy

Fall is here! Although, you’d hardly know it. It’s still in the high 90s with high humidity in Taipei. Summer was nothing short of a mad dash towards the finish line. Expect a few upcoming posts on teaching in Taiwan, especially showcasing the craziness that is summer classroom life.

But September has arrived and here at Backpacks & Blackboards, I have very exciting new! I can hardly contain…

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Let’s Get Personal: Rain, Baggage, and Instagram

Let’s Get Personal: Rain, Baggage, and Instagram



Hello! I never thought this day would come: The day where Taipei is finally sunny again. It has been so long since the skies were clear. Each morning, I would rise and shine, but would find no shine. Quite dreadful, I know.I tried to be positive and remember that rain brings beautiful things like flowers and trees. However, that mentality lasted only about 3 days. I felt like the children in the…

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