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25 For My Next Quarter

25 For My Next Quarter


All throughout my high school and collegiate experience, I would always joke that if I could just stop aging at 25 I would be content. It seemed like the perfect age. As my 25th birthday nears in less than a month, I find myself questioning whether 25 is all I built it up to be. I think I have less fear about aging (although I still apply organic or natural facial creams religiously), but my…

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Jumping for Joy & Falling for Fall

Jumping for Joy & Falling for Fall

DSC_0056 - Copy

Fall is here! Although, you’d hardly know it. It’s still in the high 90s with high humidity in Taipei. Summer was nothing short of a mad dash towards the finish line. Expect a few upcoming posts on teaching in Taiwan, especially showcasing the craziness that is summer classroom life.

But September has arrived and here at Backpacks & Blackboards, I have very exciting new! I can hardly contain…

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Let’s Get Personal: Rain, Baggage, and Instagram

Let’s Get Personal: Rain, Baggage, and Instagram



Hello! I never thought this day would come: The day where Taipei is finally sunny again. It has been so long since the skies were clear. Each morning, I would rise and shine, but would find no shine. Quite dreadful, I know.I tried to be positive and remember that rain brings beautiful things like flowers and trees. However, that mentality lasted only about 3 days. I felt like the children in the…

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Let’s Get Personal: Hello June!

Let’s Get Personal: Hello June!

I miss this weather! I hope the sun comes back soon :(

Well let’s be honest: We haven’t seen as much of each other lately as I would have liked. However, May was a very busy time. In expat teaching terms, I was finishing up my last great flings with spring courses and (frantically) preparing for the mountain of summer courses I will be teaching. Of course, I needed to re-stock my worksheets, revamp some syllabi to fit into new time constraints, read…

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How Carrie Bradshaw Influenced my Travels

How Carrie Bradshaw Influenced my Travels


Between Disney movies and Carrie Bradshaw, my generation grew up with the idea that our purpose in life was to find that special person and never let go. We search in cafes, bookstores, and clubs for The Right One. To this day, I cringe at the thought of leaving my apartment without at least looking semi-put together. Who knows who I might bump into! The Sex in the Citymotto of dating and dating…

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